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The fun choice for summer camp.

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Think of it:


The moment you did the moon walk and people gathered.

The moment you rocked the interview.  

The moment when you knew that everyone in the room was with you.  


It all comes from confidence.  And it is built here.  


All of life’s great moments arrive at that perfect combination of timing and practice.  We take that great silly moment where your kid makes you laugh hysterically and the one where they drive you just a little bit nuts and turn it into theater.  And when many kids play together, they create something even bigger and more fun.  

Art  l  Sports  l  Games  l  Songs  l  Dance

Everything your kid did today.

Come and play!

Just camp - $695/week

9 - 3

Need the whole day - $895/week

8 - 6

Before and after drop in - $40/day 

Sibling and multi-week discounts available.

Primarily outdoor/indoor camp in Park Slope.

Single week sessions for students ages 5-12 where your child can write their own lines, create the action, play games and be themselves.  Sure, there is a ‘performance’.  They will surprise themselves and be a part of something original. 


It all happens on its own and that’s the magic of theater.  

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