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The fun choice for after school.

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Music  l  Games  l  Sports  l  Dance  l  Singing


Band After School $800


4:00 - 6:00

Lessons After School $1425


2:50 - 6:00

Stages Theatre Classes $1425


2:50 - 6:00

Winter/Spring Semester runs January 29, 2024 - June 26, 2024.

Third Trimester available too!

Sibling discounts available.

Pickup from PS 321, PS 39 & PS 107 in Park Slope.

Music  l  Games  l  Sports  l  Dance  l  Singing

And a performance.


Pickup included!


The perfect compliment to your child’s school band program.  We pick up after band is released and continue the music fun!  More time on the instrument = better sound = confidence.  


Jam with friends on your instruments and build on skills learned.  


Explore more with ensemble practice, work on solos and duets and learn to play with a pianist.  


We have years of experience working with school bands, marching bands, pep bands, wind ensembles and orchestras.  


Instrument care is included with your Band After School.  Our instructors will perform a weekly inspection, grease, oil and make sure your student knows the basics of caring for an instrument.  If repair is needed, we will contact the school to discuss solutions.  


Enjoy the simplicity of never having to worry about another reed or mouthpiece!  We have the supplies you need!


We keep your rental working well and your child playing more!


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Why should a 30-minute music lesson wipe out your afternoon!  Schedule time for yourself and your child today!


Sign up for Lessons After School and get a weekly private lesson, practice time and music fun wrapped into one!  We may pick-up at your school too!  


The number one kid challenge is practice.  “I like lessons, I just don’t like to practice!”--Jessie Everystudent.  


The number one parent challenge is the 30-minute lesson requires so much effort and takes the whole afternoon.  


Lessons After School solves this:  


School pickup (See you at 6!)
Weekly private lesson included (option to add second instrument!)

Practice time built in

Jam sessions

Games and fun


Learners retain more information if they apply it immediately.  All learners stay engaged longer if they spend more time doing.  It is a dream combo!


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It's so much fun, no wonder they call it a play. 

The ultimate creative outlet for everyone's brain. Theater is about music and dance and sports and ideas and expressing yourself. Mashup all of it with DIY costumes and silliness: what happens is PURE MAGIC!

Everyone creates a unique show from scratch. Build props, costumes, songs and dances. Learn voice over, small screen techniques and jam with ROCK OF AGES class.  (Exeunt, pursued by Teddy Ruxpin) -- Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale--kindof

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The perfect way to end the day. Endless creativity. 

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