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The fun choice for lessons.

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Private lessons are a great way to focus on specific skills and receive individualized training.  And the best way to learn is to stay engaged.  So from the first lesson aspiring musicians will learn multiple styles with emphasis on solid technique.  Our method of training is all about teaching flexibility.  We guide learners with concepts that are approachable and attainable.  What does that mean???   


When you sprint, we sprint, when you walk, we walk.   We also echo concepts school-age learners recognize (and adults really get):  chunking, patterns, shapes and sounds.  It speeds up retention and learners get more good vibes!  


Pianists will learn modern, jazz and classical styles, good hand habits, reading and listening, rhythm, duets and have opportunities to perform!  


Guitarists will learn a mix of styles, good hand habits, rhythmic and melodic playing,  reading tab and piano-style notation, duets and have opportunities to perform!  


Bass guitarists will learn a mix of styles, good hand habits, bass styles and rock-steady rhythm, reading notation and opportunities to perform! 


Vocalists will learn modern, classical styles, good breathing habits and posture, reading notation, listening, rhythm, duets, work with live and recorded accompaniment and have opportunities to perform! 


It is designed to be fun and keep learners engaged.  We use paper and apps and can help you choose the perfect instrument to jam with.  

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Monday - Friday

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


9:00 am - 2:00 pm

$50/30-minute session

Sibling discounts available.

Located at our Park Slope location.

Voice Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Piano Lessons
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